I have never read a John Green novel.

But I would care a lot more about critiques of him if any of the people I’ve seen shitting on him had actually read a John Green novel either.

Or pretty much anything that has ever come out of his mouth.

It’s really disgusting that people accuse John Green, a writer with clinical depression and anxiety to the point of it being very disabling at different times of his life, as someone who might romanticize and encourage teen suicide.

As an aside, I love his self awareness about his own writing. That shit is hard to do.

On the existence of his crash course videos alone, which provide free, accessible, consistent, intersectional, and quality higher level education to anyone with an internet connection (which is a fucking revolutionary concept and execution and should not be treated lightly) I am forever a fan of this man.

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Zigzagoon takes no shit. You try to intimidate him with your level 70 status and your Legendary title, and he’ll just smash you into an ultra ball and leave. He doesn’t care that he’s level 16 and only knows a few moves, he doesn’t even need to use those moves.

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"Be good to people. Even the shitty ones. Let the assholes be assholes. You’ll sleep better."
— Adam Gnade (via tyleroakley)

Good Vibes HERE

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danny is so fit but sometimes he makes you wanna jump jump y’know what i mean? like sometimes he steals hamsters from emma blackery and sometimes he puts them in the ball and lets them just have their fun. whatever, it’s not important. so the otehr day i wasa on my way to school [lol jk i don’t go to school loser] and i thought about all the fun adventures he went on and one of them was him making sandwiches

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YES i’m a grill and YES i play games 

Wow another one of those “gamer grills”. they are just doing it for the attention. the nintendo isn’t even turned on.

neither is the grill

maybe not but i am





YES i’m a grill and YES i play games 

Wow another one of those “gamer grills”. they are just doing it for the attention. the nintendo isn’t even turned on.

neither is the grill

maybe not but i am

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son-of-storm asked: I know you probably hear this all the time, but what happened to Man Time?


We all mostly hate each other now. I haven’t spoken to Jack in years, Bown’s decided he’s too big for us and the twins have started their own reality show on E!. Dean and I are still in contact, but it’s mostly just Christmas cards and the occasional dinner around the Queen’s official birthday.

The only way Man Time could possibly return is if someone made the effort to try and get us all back together. And given that last I heard the Truemen are currently making plans to kick off their Same Faces 2015 world tour in Argentina, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

It’s a shame. We had some good times. I guess people just…change…

Ah this is awkward… they’ve all been filming it still but without Dan and no-one’s let him know.

Bad Commenting

Quick video about aggressive commenters and showing a little patience and love instead.

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I know this fad has been over for a while but I thought this one looked cool

I also never drew one before and I wanted to so

Better late than never

This is gorgeous



The evolution of Mike’s and co

This is my finest work.
It will be my legacy.
Photoshoping (top to bottom): Alex Vosper (1 and 3), Louise Coulson (2), Jon D Barker (4 and 7) and Mandy Hynes (5)
(6) Original image (left to right): Lily Melrose, Mike Trueman, Chris Bingham, Klaire de Lys, Jamie Spicer- Lewis, Louise Coulson, Jon D Barker, Alex Vosper and Jonathan Pickford.
Chronology: 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 7, 5.

The evolution of Mike’s and co

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Mike Trueman appreciation

Mike Trueman appreciation







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I talk about 5 Hip Hop songs that I enjoy.

The last time I considered doing this for you I ended up making a playlist with over a hundred songs on it. That said, my first five would be early rap songs that made me feel good and challenged, mixed with newer inspirational tones.

Osmosis by Sims and Porcelain by Tonedeff because of their story telling manner. Osmosis deals with an alcoholic father in a conversational tone utilising beverage based wordplay throughout to truly emphasise quite how difficult and dangerous it is living with a parent who has gone off the rails and lost their way somewhat.

Porecelain is completely produced by Tonedeff, sang and rapped on by him. It talks about love, fragility, making yourself vulnerable, realisations and acting on the things that were important to you. It’s about how the past can’t haunt you but once confronted is usually nothing more than the shadows and the very thing you’ve excitedly overhyped in your mind.

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