Clouds are weird yo.

I love clouds

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Photo set:

Video: Wimbledon Common

I had a photo day with Ray, and made three short films, as well as taking a lot of photos. The sunset above was one of many highlights of the day.

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Quick and simple lifehacks.


This October, the newly formed Empire faces a rising rebellion.


Wimbledon Common with rayrobertsfilms



Video: Jamie T - Don’t You Find: HE’S BACK!

The gods of music have been merciful and returned Jamie T to the planet earth after a 4 year draught. 

Welcome back Jamie T

Ran into my old pal @stefanabingdon a few days back.

Ran into my old pal @stefanabingdon a few days back.

Photogs in the wild

Photogs in the wild

Youtube Space 2 Year Anniversary

New musician: Tom Figgins, live at Cornbury Festival

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The whole weekend was laughter with @leddra

The whole weekend was laughter with @leddra


Leddra - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Live at Cornbury Festival)

One of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time (and this year has been constant great weekends), and we made a music montage of the fun times over the top of a gorgeous song that Anna decided to cover.

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The little perfects
Like your smile an inch from mine
Or the way your body fills the spaces
Between the sheets and the cold
The little perfects
Like when our eyes meet
And we grin as our hands begin
To explore and take hold
The little perfects
Like an inappropriate laugh
In a quiet room while
Visitors try to sleep

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